Thing represents the deepest sounds of Estonian bass music and has been doing so for many years, being one of the most unique, consistent and long-standing producers of Estonian drum and bass scene. His music flexing between dub and jungle with strong ambient textures and heavy atmospheres and deep shades of bass. His tracks have been released by record companies such as 31 Recordings, Repertoire, Warm Communications, Blu Mar Ten Music, Lifestyle etc. Thing also has two record companies, Dubthing and Depthwise, under which he has released music by other producers in addition to his own work.


How did you get into drum'n'bass?

Raul Saaremets “Vibratsioon”

What year did you start producing music?


Your first drum'n'bass release:

The King Of Sound EP (2011)

Record labels from which your music has been released:

Blu Mar Ten, Warm Communications, 31 Recordings, Dubthing Records

How do you describe your music?

Deep, monotonous, ambient

What or who inspires you to create music?

Myself! I played drums in a school band, but it was too boring and then I started experimenting with production.

Which do you think you are more, a DJ or a producer?

Both! Either way, you can take people on a journey.

What would you do differently as an aspiring young producer? Advice for newcomers:

Don't listen to others - do what you like + (mixdown) is not the most important thing.

Who would you like to collaborate with and / or play b2b in the future?

dBridge, Charli XCX , Machinedrum, Burial

What should a promoter consider when inviting you to play?

I`m doing my own thing and trying to be different from others, I`m mixing dnb music with another genres.

What should definitely be in your artist's rider?

Decent players and some drinks

The best / most memorable parties you've played at:

Somewhere in the Finland forests (very good sound and atmosphere), in the Netherlands (the people were going crazy) there has not been such an emotion here in Estonia, and in Germany (again very good sound and crowd).

The weirdest song request you've been asked during a DJ set:

Something from Metallica

Interesting fan experience:

One fan who came from Australia to see me in Amsterdam (it was a bit of a wtf moment).

Other interests (hobbies):

Photography, video editing, or everything related to audiovisual media and most recently also Onewheel (a very cool way to move around).

Do you prefer to make plans or to be spontaneous?

The other one

Who's your best friend?

My partner who is on the same spiritual level as me and who understands me in half a sentence.

What question nobody should ever ask you?

You can ask everything, but I'm not sure I'll answer.